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Lindsay Grace

About the Artist

Lindsay is a multitalented artist working in photography and electronic art.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science from Northwestern University.  He is also a candidate for the Masters of Fine Arts in Electronic Visualization at the University of Illinois, Chicago.  He is a professor of Interactive Media at the Illinois institute of Art, Chicago.

From the Artist: Photography
My photography celebrates the continuity of play and work in multicultural island communities. Many of my photographs are taken in West Africa, South Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean using 35mm film or digital photography. All of the photographs are displayed as they were originally taken from the moment; no subjects are posed, no alterations are made after the shutter closes.

As a Cape Verdean American artist, I am distinctly familiar with the affect of island living, whether it is the physical microcosm of land between sea, or the micro-social distance between socio-economics.

From the Artist: Digital Media
My digital art seeks to highlight specific aspects of the social relationship between human and machine. These relationships are like most relationships, wonderful but full of distinct challenges that require attention.  I address these challenges by exploiting the scale and processes that makes computer applications so powerful.

My years of experience programming and designing software systems combines with my innate appreciation of language and the visual to fabricate hybrid experiences of the arts and sciences.

See more of Lindsay’s work here:


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January 21, 2010 at 10:17 am

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