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Bodhisattva #2
Paper, tape, thread, gouache, ink, fabric, 2008

Navajo Rug (a little sex, a little violence)
Paper, tape, thread, postcards, fabric

Polly Perez
Currently living and working in El Paso, TX

Print media and packaging from various cultures and eras, political propaganda, historical and scientific drawings, pop art, industrial design, and recycling are my influences. Examining consumption of the visual as a unique commodity is my curiosity. I approach it like a scientific process, with results depending on chains of small experiments.

I favor the use of recycled and found objects, especially old slides, books, advertising, and used fabrics in my current work. The shortened life cycle of goods in the global marketplace begs intervention – after being sold, bought, and used – things can become something different in their afterlife. With a sewing machine, tape, and intuition I test how feasible it is to intervene.

I feel like I straddle an invisible fence between cultures and histories; soaking in what I see in the world at large, mainly through print media, hybridizing it to my specs, and then turning it loose upon itself. It is either adulteration or making with what is at hand when there is lots at hand. Seeing things being thrown away as a byproduct of the current mass digital conversion of libraries, print media, and photographs is the perfect way to have lots at hand.

2003 University of Texas at Dallas (B.A. in Art & Performance)

Contact Information

Brave but Doomed
Paper, tape, thread, gouache, photographic slides

Mount Everest
Paper, tape, thread, gouache, photographic slides

Perlas y Almendras
Paper, tape, thread, gouache, photographic slides





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