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Chung Fan Chang

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The work is about communicating what beauty is in our daily life, and is about exploring what is beauty to me in the process, concept, and visual appearance. I attempt to approach different subjects, such as landscape, form, and pen mark. I am discovering and representing beauty in my mind that reflects the outside world of what I see. My classical training background offers me a path to combine both traditional standards of beauty and my own understanding of beauty through both Eastern and Western perspective.

I am interested in how fluorescent color affects us in a daily base and the rich history of Chinese Painting and the philosophy. The artificial (unnatural) colors I investigate represent the vision of reality, beauty, and the color scheme of my generation. Through the meditational process of mark making, I am examining neon color, space and landscape. The visual statement envisions the entity of being. I believe the continuing pursuit of physical being of nature merging or conflicting with fluorescent color will define who I am as a visual communicator.


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June 4, 2010 at 6:32 am

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