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Yong Choi

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Yong Choi

“The Statue of Yong” is a self portrait bronze sculpture by artist Yong Choi. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago let him display his sculpture throughout the museum. Yong Choi received a BFA from the School of the Art Institue.

Art statement

My art is the best method to communicate with others. I want to share my feelings with other people because I can get inspiration from my ordinary life and others are in my story without their will and opinion. So I want to give a little present to them in return. When I carted my statue on the street, many people asked me to take picture of me with my bronze twin, and I was glad to pose with their children and answer their questions. I tried to do my best. Some of them got my information, and sent emails including the photo images with cheers. I love the mutual activities. I would not expect spectators see my work raise their heads. That is why I made him laying down on the ground, and people can come and see him easily.

At 4’ x 5’11” and 400 lbs my bronze piece is not light. The traditional medium, bronze, makes me jump into history. I recorded my idea and thinking of every single day. And bronze “YONG” can travel the world and survive after a couple of thousand years conveying my will. Nobody knows the future. That is why life is so hopeful and I overcome my difficulties in the moment. The affirmative concept of my life often helped me to grow into a better man, and overcome my anger and frustration. If I change my point of view, my keen cutthroat competition can be comic film to others. So I do not want to be too serious and will take a cheerful view of life.

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January 22, 2010 at 9:31 am