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Georgina Valverde

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My goal is to make simple and effective modifications to everyday objects in order to open up their meanings triggering new associations for the viewer. For me, the best art engages and stimulates perception. I hope to exploit an object’s communicative potential and lead the viewer to consider the source and function of the object within the material culture and the contradictions and complexity of such culture. I work with a variety of media including craft, video, ready-mades, and found objects.

I spent my childhood and adolescence in Mexico City absorbing a visual landscape spanning pre-Columbian, Colonial, and Modern times. My sensibility is informed by these early experiences and most powerfully by the ingenuity of folk culture and its capacity to assimilate and corrupt/transform all these languages into hybrid forms of expression. After moving to the United States I drew from my aesthetic reservoir in an attempt to cope with the loss of the visual stimuli of my youth. I favored the low-tech processes of silk-screening and block printing which allowed for more immediate self-expression and often used folk motifs retrieved from memory.

In my current work I investigate the intersection of different cultural registers (e.g. the language of modernism and minimalism vis-à-vis feminine handicrafts, consumer society, design, and the everyday). I continue to use what is at hand and process materials through the grid, repetitions, pairings, and juxtapositions. I am interested in how something small and mundane can open up to larger meanings.


Georgina Valverde is a Mexican artist, born in Mexico City, 1962 and lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. She received her MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2003.

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Photo credits: Bill Bengtson

Making Certain It Goes On (For R. H.)
Cloth, cotton thread, dried lime, metal staples, plastic bread ties, steel and paint
29¼ in. x 3 in. x 7 in.

Making Certain It Goes On (For R. H.)

Acrylic yarn and plasticine
42 x 38 x 60 inches

The Sparrow Shits Upside Down (For A. G.)
Acrylic and wool yarn, soil, polypropylene rope, bamboo and paint

The Sparrow Shits Upside Down (For A. G.)

Blue Extension
Nylon, acrylic, and synthetic hair
216 in. x 17 in. x 17 in.

Planets & Pyramids
Acrylic yarn, paper and resin
Dimensions variable
ongoing since 2006

The artist’s hair
Dimensions variable
ongoing since 2004

Daily Coffee
Coffee on 50 paper towels
55 in. x 62 in.

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